For you, men who have a beard, or are interested in beard, beard grooming has become one of the activities that should be done regularly in order to get a well-shaped beard. You may go to barber or saloon to shave or do beard grooming. However, some of you may shave or do beard grooming by yourself. You may be quite familiar with electric razor and hair trimmers. Instead of using traditional equipment, such as scissors, electric razor and hair trimmer will give you a better result in term of looks and time efficiency.
Basically, Electric Razor and Hair trimmers are two different equipment that aims to help you to shave your beard easily and quickly. However, there are some differences that can be found in electrical razor and hair trimmers. Those differences can lead people to confusion about which one is better between electric razor and hair trimmers. We are going to discuss electric razor and hair trimmer, how they can treat your beard and which is better between them.

Electric Razor Review
Basically, Electric razor is an electric device that is used for shaving. Because it is called electric, it means that the device is run by a machine and powered up by electrical power. Commonly, electric razor uses a small DC motor and is powered by batteries. There are some models that also used mains electricity to power up the device. However, battery-powered electric razor is more commonly used due to the practicality. Nowadays, there are many models that use rechargeable batteries that can be recharged with a plug charger.
Electric razor has some rotating or oscillating blades. There are two types of electric razor: foil-type razor and rotary-type razor. Foil-type razor is an electric razor that used oscillating blades. It means that the blades move back and forth. Differently, the rotary-type razor is an electrical razor that uses rotating blades. Electric razor commonly is used for shaving thin beard with the short hair. It can be used regularly to maintain the length of the beard that you want. It is also used for you who want to do clean shaving. An electric razor can be used close to the skin so it can perfectly and cleanly shave your beard.

Hair Trimmers Review

Hair trimmers are also an electrical device that commonly used for shaving or cutting hair. Differently, with an electric razor, it is mainly used for longer and thicker hair to be shaved. It uses two special oscillating blades that allow you to shape your beard as you like. Hair trimmer is also run by machine and powered by electrical supply. It can be powered up by battery or mains electricity. They are many models of cord hair trimmer that are used by barbers. There are some types of the head that are used in hair trimmers. Each type of head functions differently in trimming your hair or shaving your beard. Mostly it is about the length of the hair that you want to get for your beard. Unlike electrical razor, hair trimmer doesn’t need any pressure to the skin. It will reduce the risk of skin injury.

The Difference between Electrical Razor and Hair Trimmers
There are some differences between an electric razor and hair trimmers. First, the electrical razor is used for thin and short beard, while hair trimmers are used for think and a long beard. Second, the electrical razor can only be used to maintain the length of the bear, while hair trimmer can be used to shape your hair. Third, in term of injury, Electrical Razor has a high risk of skin injury compared with hair trimmers, because the electrical razor is used close to the skin and needs some pressure to the skin. Next, electrical razor commonly is used frequently and daily than hair trimmers.

Which One Is Better between Electric Razor and Hair Trimmer ?
Which one is better between electrical razor and hair trimmers? The answer to that question lays on your needs and your beard characteristic. When you need a clean shave, an electrical razor can be better for you. However, when you have a long hair beard and you want to shape your hair with a specific shape, hair trimmer can be a better device for you. Actually, you can combine electrical razor and hair trimmers to shave. For you have long hair beard and you want to clean up, it is better to start shaving using hair trimmers. After that, you can clean up the beard with an electrical razor. In term of budget, electrical razor and hair trimmers also have some differences that can be considered to decide which one is better. You need to prepare some extra budgets for an electrical razor in maintenance or blade changing.
Those are some reviews and differences between electric razor and hair trimmers. Basically, electric razor and hair trimmers are used for shaving or beard grooming. However, there are some differences in the way they shave your beard. Hopefully, this information can be a good reference for you to decide which one is better between the electric razor and hair trimmer.