The Long Journey of Embroidery Machine

Now, you are really having fun with your sewing hobby, because you have best embroidery machine for home use. But, do you know that the machine that you have and use doesn’t appear suddenly? This very useful machine actually has long history. And, if you compare the today’s machine with its earlier version, you will find there is huge different between them. The funny thing is the changes of embroidery machine are almost similar to computer. It started from ridiculously big size to the small and easy to carry machine like what you can find today.

Most of people thought that sewing machine came first, and then embroidery machine came as the modification of that machine. Actually, it is the opposite. Before Isaac Singer patented the sewing machine he’s created in 1846, Josue Heilmann has already made embroidery machine. And, this Frenchman created embroidery machine 20 years before Singer.

The Long Journey of Embroidery Machine 2

Heilmann invented machine that can hold fabric and move the needle to create embroidery. At first, he was afraid, because his machine threats the hand embroidery industry at that time. Therefore, he only made 2 machines. But, because of technology revolutionary, his machine became one important tool that was existed in that era.

The computerized embroider machine was created by Isaac Groebli. However, don’t imagine that the machine that he was created that time has built-in computer like what you can find today. Groebli only created the automatic system in his machine, which is called Schiffli machine. Even though this is the simple automaton system, however the result is much better than the hand embroidery industry at that time. Schiffli machine can create really smooth result, but with much better efficiency compared to the hand embroidery. This result created big change in this industry, where home business and factories started to appear in great numbers.

Then, the modern embroidery machine came into the world in 1911. The one that create it was Singer Sewing Company, the similar company that was built by Isaac Singer, the inventor of sewing machine. This modern machine has size head and pantograph that can trace the design and sew embroidery on fabric. 

The production of this modern embroidery machine was stopped, when war broke. However, in the 1950s, after the war ended, the production of the embroidery machine was reborn. It make the home industry in this field was also exploded. 

The closest to the today’s embroidery machine was created by Wilcom in the 1980s. That machine has similar ability like what you can find on today’s machine. It has better automatic system and makes everyone have no problem in using the machine and create embroidery pattern on fabric.

The machine that you can find today is the fruit from those long journeys. And, that journey hasn’t ended yet. With the rapid technology growth that you can see today, we can expect that there will be much better and perfect machine in the future, that might be able to blow your mind away and create best result you never imagined.