Men who have experienced puberty will certainly be accompanied by the growth of beard on his face. Actually, the beard is a natural thing for men but some people prefer without a beard to look cleaner and tidy or feel that the beard is not suitable for his face. Nevertheless, some also assume that their beards will look more masculine. Even so, the beards are actually suitable for all men because every man will basically grow beard on his face when his time comes. But beards must also be treated and groomed every day. How to groom a beard to be neat? In order for our appearance to stay good then must always tidy the beard. Otherwise, our beard will grow unevenly and look terrible. Therefore, here below you will find out more information about how to groom a beard every day so that our appearance will still be good looking.

  1. Wash Your Beard with Shampoo
    How to groom a beard to be neat? The first step is to wash it with shampoo. Your beard will also be oily like your hair, therefore cleaning it with shampoo is a must do. You should wash your beard with shampoo, try to use a shampoo that does not make your scalp become dry. Then dry with a clean towel.
  2. Comb Your Beard
    How to groom a beard next step? It’s combing your beard. Combing your beard will make the tangled beard parts tidier so it will be easier for you at the time of shaving. Try to comb your beard by not fighting direction, comb with straight down. If your beard is still too short, then you do not need to comb it.
  3. Prepare the Equipment
    How to groom a beard step there? Prepare a variety of equipment that you need such as scissors, razors, combs, mirrors, towel, and newspaper or tissue to accommodate beard that has been cut/trim. If you have a long beard, you can use scissors first. But if your beard is short (not too long) you should use a razor because if you use scissors it is feared will make your face scratched.
  4. Trim Your Beard with Razor
    If you want to trim your beard with an electric razor, make sure you are close to the power source or use a razor with the battery if your sink is away from the power source. Previously, you could choose the plastic tip of the guard to determine the length of the beard you wanted. Usually, when you buy a razor, it will be equipped with several blades of different sizes. Therefore, determine what suits you. Furthermore, how to groom a beard to be neat is by shaving gently. If you want to know how to groom a beard and cut all your beards clean, then you do not have to install plastic guards. You can also wear facial wash to make it more slippery and easy in shaving / trimming your beard. Turn on your trimmer and start shaving by shaving steadily but gently in the direction of hair growth (from top to bottom). Prune regularly on each side of your beard.
  5. Trim Parts of the Mustache and Near the Mouth
    How to groom a beard in the moustache and around the mouth? If you have a long moustache then you can push it using scissors. But if it is not too long then you can use a razor. Make sure you closer your face to the front of the mirror because this part is quite sensitive. Start by turning on your razor and shaving steadily from top to bottom. Shut your mouth so that the hair does not enter the mouth. Try to do your grooming neatly.
  6. Finishing
    How to groom a beard at the neck? Position your head upward. Next, you can tidy it gently and regularly. Usually, the beard on the neck will grow not symmetrical, therefore you should shave off the deepest part so your beard looks more organized and neat.
  7. Wash Your Beard
    After you finish shaving you can wash your beard again with a clean soap. Now you can look more confident with the beard is neat and charming. Now you already know how to groom a beard.
  8. Maintain the Trimmer Tool
    Caring for razors and trimmers is an important thing for those of you who keep a beard. Because you will certainly need this tool every day to tidy your beard. Therefore, after using it you should clean the shaver. Usually, when buying a shaver, you will get a brush to clean it all oil lubricant. But if you do not get it, you can clean it with a toothbrush. Next, rub the razor and rinse it with water to keep the remnants of hair gone. After that, you can dry it again and keep the tool in a safe place. Once a week make sure you smear your razor with lubricating oil to keep your razor sharp.
    Based on the text above you already know how to groom a beard to be neat. Basically, this is easy to do. How to groom a beard is an art that usually does one person and another person will be different. But in doing so make sure you shaving with gentle and not in a hurry. How to groom a beard with scissors is usually more difficult than a razor. Good luck!