cotootnnect bluetooth speaker to tv

In this article, we are going to show you how to connect Bluetooth speaker to TV. These steps can be applied to various devices as long as those have built-in Bluetooth in it. Also, there are tons of benefits by connecting your TV to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. If you are a hardcore game enthusiast then the sound would not disturb your sleeping wife or roommates. 

Other than that, it will be an interesting experience to let your big screen TV lets the sound optimally out by connecting it to the external speakers. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth allows you to integrate anything without connecting any cable in the first place. This is why in this article we will show you the steps on how to connect Bluetooth speaker to TV. All you need to do is to read the guide thoroughly.

Connecting TV to Bluetooth Transmitter

connect bluetooth speaker to tv

You need to prepare a transmitter to connect Bluetooth devices to your TV. You might see several different audio ports at the back panel of your TV. You can purchase Bluetooth transmitters according to the audio port available on your TV. The analog ones are easy to set up but it produces okay sound. The sound is not too impressive but you may feel it enough to watch your favorite TV movies. It commonly comes with a 3.5 stereo audio jack.

Meanwhile, a more sophisticated sound can be obtained by using the digital audio ports for TV. This allows you to get Seven Channel or Dolby Surround sound system while watching TV or playing games. This is also the answer for those who want the best experience of sound quality at their homes.

How to Connect a TV to the Bluetooth Speakers

Once you have purchased a Bluetooth transmitter and plug it into the audio port at the back of your TV, you can immediately pair the Bluetooth speaker to the transmitter. Commonly, they communicate with each other by using radiofrequency. Since there are several types and many brands of Bluetooth adapter designed for TV, you need to learn about each type of them. Also, several things needed to be considered in the first place. best bluetooth speaker under 50

Things to Consider

You can take these things as parameters when it comes to choosing a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV at home. The first thing is the audio latency. Since the Bluetooth speakers are prone to audio delay, you should make sure that the audio latency is in the recommended number. The lower number means a better result. However, there is not zero-latency until today. The best transmitter now has 30ms up to 100ms latency and it could produce sound with almost no delay.

The second thing is the power supply. Many transmitters and receivers are built with a built-in battery. It can be charged but you do not need to do that because it can take the power from your TV. So, as long as you turn on your TV, the transmitter will automatically be turned on as well. This is the end section of how to connect Bluetooth speaker to TV.