An electric beard trimmer can be one of the essential tools for men to have. It can help them keep maintaining their look. However, some people still do not know about several important matters, such as how to choose the right electric beard trimmer for them, and how to maintain its durability. This article provides you with a guide of choosing the right electric beard trimmer that meets your needs and the tips of using it appropriately to maintain its durability.

How to Choose a Good Electric Beard Trimmer
Although it seems easy to find the electric beard trimmer in any stores, people sometimes make a mistake in choosing the right electric beard trimmer that meets their needs. Below are the tips on how to choose the suitable electric beard trimmer for long term use.

  1. Observe the information about various types of the electric beard trimmer
    There are many different types of beard trimmer in terms of capability and price. Therefore, it is important for you to know exactly what type of trimmer that you need to have without purchasing too much money.
  2. Find the right length of your beard
    The standard length of facial hair to look good for you will be different from others. To know exactly the right length of your beard that can make you look good is by completely shaving it and letting it grow until you find the desired length. Once you know it, you will be able to decide what trimmer will be good to maintain your beard.
  3. Purchase an electric beard trimmer that meets your needs
    After knowing the right length of your beard, you can choose the most suitable electric beard trimmer for you by also considering your budget. Purchasing the right trimmer does not mean that you have to spend a huge amount of money.
  4. Maintain your trimmer and its accessories
    Since you have got the right trimmer for you and you have spent some money to bring it home, you need to take good care of it. It is good to put your trimmer along with its components like oil, heads, charger, and guards in a container to keep them organized.
    How to Use an Electric Beard Trimmer
    Using your electric beard trimmer correctly is important to keep its durability that can save your money. It is actually not so hard to maintain the hygiene and durability of your electric beard trimmer if you apply the following tips:
  5. Oil up the trimmer.
    Before starting trimming, you should regularly put some drops of oil on your trimmer blades to make it work properly. You should firstly get rid of any excess hair that may be left in the trimmer blades before applying the oil. Next, you can turn on the clippers and put some drops of oil onto them, so that the blades will saturate it. Run the blades for more or less twenty seconds, then wipe it until it is dry to avoid any hair sticky on it. It is important not to forget to wipe it off using soft and dry cloth after applying some oil onto it.
  6. Start shaving your beard
    Sometimes, people with long beard want to shave it into a more respectable yet still present an appropriate length. If you feel the same, you can use the third guard comb to shape it as you wish. If you want to shave the grain, you can simply point the trimmer blades up and start trimming against the grain. You can also attach the beard comb’s flat part against your face if you want to get the best result of shaving. Not only should you shave your face, but you also need to shave your neck as well. If you do not see any significant changes in your facial hair length, you may need to switch to the second guard comb.
  7. Switch to a lower guard
    If you have got the length that looks good on you, you can start getting rid of the hair on your neck by using the lower guard comb. Trim the hair starting from your Adam’s apple up to your jawline. It is important to shave it in an upward motion to get a better look. If the first guard comb is not enough to cut the hair as short as you wish, you can remove the guard and start saving with the blade without any guard attached to.
  8. Shave all of the stray hair that you do not want
    It is necessary to do trimming in front of a mirror in order to see whether or not there is any stray hair left. You can cleanly shave all of the stray hair that you do not want without using any guard in front of the mirror.
  9. Remove the guard to create a shorter shaved style
    You can cleanse any problem area using your electric beard trimmer’s blade to remove any unwanted stray hair. If you want to trim up the bottom part of your moustache or around your mouth, you can use the trimmer blade and smile while you are trimming it. Smiling but keeping the mouth closed can help you trim the hair around your mouth more easily.