Electric Shaver to Safe Your Sensitive Skin

Best electric shaver is the secret of painless wet or dry shaving. By using such kind of shaver, you can also reduce the risks of wounds during shaving. As the result, you see a perfect and clean skin and it increase your confidence before doing daily activity. So, what kind of electric shaver do you need? Check the list below.


Wahl Professional 8061

Some of you might be too lazy to shave your hair because of your sensitive skin problem. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore because Wahl Professional 8061 helps you. As the best electric shaver, this product is designed for sensitive skin. Let say, to support the performance Wahl Professional 8061 is using Dynaflex cutting technology. This technology is applied to make the shaver able to reach the most difficult areas such as around neck and jawline. The most important, the process can be done faster and efficient. The performance is also supported by hypoallergenic foil so you can do the shaving smoothly and close shave perfectly without any problem. The foil is also designed to protect your skin and the material from bacteria which triggers skin irritation for sensitive skin users. In the form of design, Wahl Professional 8061 is handy and lightweight enough. The material is high quality plastic and it makes this product a great option if you don’t want to buy an aluminum or metal electric shaving machine without loosing the premium sensation. One thing you need to consider is that this product is more suitable for stubble hairs or people who love to shave daily.

Philip Norelco SensoTouch 3D

Philip Norelco SensoTouch 3D

How about if you like to use something high tech even for your shaving machine? If it is so, you have to include Philip Norelco SensoTouch on your best electric shaver. Because of its performance and feature, this product is also known as the king of rotary shavers. You can use Philip Norelco to clean beard or hair effectively and faster without suffering from any skin problems including skin irritation. Thanks to the rotary system which makes the shaver stick to your skin and it makes the shaver works smoothly for the cleanest result. The three round foils are also installed in order to make the product follow the contour of your face easily. So, what is the meaning of 3D? This is the interesting part of Philip Norelco SensoTouch 3D. Just imagine you can control this electric shaver into 3-dimensional pattern which might be the first shaver which takes that kind of system. One more technology used is Super Lift & Cut which used to make sure that you can cut hairs on the most difficult areas perfectly. Some people don’t really love with the plastic and rubber material but it might be your option if you want to find a lightweight electric shaver.

Remington F5-5800

It is your luck if you are using high performance as well as affordable electric shaver. Remington F5-5800 might be the answer for those who want to use such kind of electric shaver. The first eye catching element is on its cordless recharging system. Moreover, they are also offering a head with one trimmer and two foils. This type of head makes the shaver comfortable to use and flexible even for those who have sensitive skin just like you. Definitely, you don’t have to suffer from skin irritation after shaving. Welcome the clean and perfect skin and say goodbye to torturing shaving. Remington is also a solution for those who want to use a lightweight electric shaving due to the use of high quality plastic. The problem is that the design is unsuitable for close shave and you have to replace the blade every three or four months otherwise it triggers skin irritation. Some of you love to do noise shaving? If it is so, try this product. The noisy sound might be a problem but you will get great shaving result for your sensitive skin. That’s why Remington F5-5800 is also included on the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

The point is that you don’t need to desperate with your sensitive skin if you want to shave it. The top 3 electric shavers for sensitive skin above are the answer. Later, you can shave your beard or hair without anything to worry about anymore. As a person with sensitive skin, you have right to have a clean and fresh skin and it can be achieved by using the best electric shaver only.

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